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This is the information on cookies on the website of OLEOVITIS, ASSOCIATION OF EUROPEAN PRODUCERS OF GRAIN OIL.

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A cookie is a file that will be downloaded to your computer when accessing certain web pages. Cookies allow a web page, among other things, to store and retrieve information about the browsing habits of a user or their equipment and, depending on the information they contain and the way their equipment is used, they can be used to recognize it.

However, these means only obtain information related to the number of pages visited, the city to which the IP address from which it is accessed is assigned, the number of new users, the frequency and recidivism of visits, the time of visit , in browser or the operator or type of terminal from which the web is accessed.

These cookies are only associated with an anonymous user and his computer and do not provide references that allow the user's name and surname to be deduced or access other data stored on the device.

OLEOVITIS cookies cannot read data from your hard disk or read cookie files created by other service providers.  





Cookie propia para el correcto funcionamiento de la web. Expira al finalizar la sesión.


Se usa para saber el lenguaje en el que se está navegando.


Esta cookie es generada para controlar la protección y seguridad de un posible mal uso de la web.






Son cookies publicitarias; se usan para mejorar la publicidad. Suelen utilizarse para orientar la publicidad según el contenido que es relevante para un usuario, mejorar los informes de rendimiento de la campaña y evitar mostrar anuncios que el usuario ya ha visto


Identificador de Share This ID para la sesión del usuario.


Nuestra web utiliza el servicio ShareThis que facilita que el usuario pueda compartir nuestro contenido. La cookie __unam monitoriza la actividad ‘click-stream’. Solo te identifica si estás registrado y has dado tu consentimiento en una cuenta ShareThis


Habilitan la función de control de visitas únicas. La primera vez que un usuario entre en el sitio a través de un navegador se instalará esta cookie. Cuando este usuario vuelva a entrar en nuestra página con el mismo navegador, la cookie considerará que es el mismo usuario. Solo en el caso de que el usuario cambie de navegador, Google Analytics lo considerará otro usuario.

_gat y _gid

Se usa para diferenciar entre los diferentes objetos de seguimiento creados en la sesión. La cookie se crea al cargar la librería javascript y no existe una versión previa de la cookie _gat. La cookie se actualiza cada vez que envía los datos a Google Analytics.


Facilita la posibilidad de compartir y comentar con la red social del usuario


Cookies de los servicios de publicidad de Google Adwords.



If you do not wish to accept third-party cookies, you can configure your browser, but you must keep in mind that disabling cookies may disable the functions offered by these third parties.

Disable third-party cookies

Internet Explorer: How to manage cookies in Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox: Enable and disable cookies

Google Chrome: How to manage cookies and site data

Safari: Manage cookies


Frequently asked questions for: Cookies

Why do so many warnings about the use of ‘cookies‘ come out now?

In 2012, a modification was introduced in article 22.2 of the Law on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (LSSICE) of 2002. Until then, it was assumed that the web pages warned of the use of cookies in the texts which includes under the heading "Legal notice", "Conditions of use", "Terms of use", "Data protection policy" ... But it is considered insufficient.

After the 2012 modification, the user must consent to the use of cookies, and the document of the purposes for which they are used.


What are the fines for breaching the cookie regulations?


Slight infractions carry fines of up to 30,000 euros and serious ones can reach 150,000, although jurisprudence has never reached these extremes, normally establishing amounts of between 500 and 25,000 euros.


Can I delete cookies from my computer?


Yes, you can control or delete cookies whenever you want, although with this you can experience a different behavior on the web, you can also configure most browsers to stop accepting them. If you reject or delete them, some features of the website may not work properly.

 Are cookies a danger to my computer?

 No, a cookie is a text file, it is not a program or plug-in. It cannot be used as a virus and cannot access your hard drive. It is the browser itself and not a person who saves the cookie of a web page when necessary.